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Kami builds equipment for Surimi processing

Surimi originates from Japan and it refers to a fish-based food product intended to mimic the texture and color of the meat of lobster, crab, and other shellfish. It is typically made from white-fleshed fish such as Alaskan Pollock or hake that has been processed into a paste and attains a rubbery texture when cooked.

Surimi is a very popular product – as a matter of fact 2-3 million tons of fish from around the world – amounting to 2-3 percent of the world fishery supply – are used for surimi production. The surimi is processed and formed into a cured product either immediately on the vessels or in the shore based processing plants. Regardless of where the process takes place it requires special machine.

Kami has a wide range of products and machines for surimi production, shown in the galleries on the left.

Scalping Machine

Our scalping machine has been in production for close to 20 years now and it has given our customers a fast extra yield way beyond the cost of the machine. The scalping machine is attached to your Baader or Toyo filleting machines. It’s compact and easy to operate.

Pan Turner

Take a close look at our Pan Turner with for instance a block ejector for surimi pans on one side and an ejector for filet frames on the other side. Censors make sure the pans/frames are delivered to the right ejector.

Block Ejector

We make block ejectors from simple “manual” units to more sophisticated and automatic high capacity ejectors. Often we sell our ejectors as an add-on to our pan turns.

Freezer Pan in Stainless and Aluminum

We have made and delivered thousands and thousands of freezer pans in stainless and aluminum over the year. Our most popular surimi freezer pan is made of stainless steel with reinforced corners and edges. This is not a cheep pan to buy but it last for a very long time. One of our customers in Alaska has used the same stainless steel pans for over 10 years (in combination with good block ejectors)!

And a range of other products and machines

  • Wash Tank
  • Hydro Sieve
  • Rotary Screen
  • Filet Spinners
  • Inspection Conveyor
  • Mixers
  • Twin Screw
  • Pump

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Video of Surimi Mixer & Extruder