Servicing the seafood business has been a big part of our business all through the years on Pier 90

Kami can help you with all your stainless, aluminum, and mild steel projects from start to finish. We have our own press brake, shear, machine shop, and our unique bead blasting booth to put a uniform finish on our stainless steel work. We have our own line of fish processing machines (Block Ejector, Pan Turner, Scalping Machine, Fillet Turner, Fish Grinders, Bone Separators, Twin Screws, Surimi Mixers, Freezer pans and conveyors), and are, of course, always open and interested in listening to new idears and proposals.

We also perform vessel maintenance and pipe work from our shop on Pier 90 in Seattle, WA.

Look to Kami Tech for a range of services and projects

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