We offer a lot of processes for the metal industry

We have many processes in-house and this enables us to respond quickly to inquiries.

Welding in stainless, aluminum and mild steel

We have all the experience you can ask for when it comes to welding Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Mild Steel.

Everything from the simple welding job to the complex jobs can be done at KAMI – no job is too small – and we rarely say no to a welding job due to complexity!

Press Braking

We have a 12’ press brake on Pier 90. Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote if you have a need for press braking of stainless steel or aluminum. We work with two reliable and competitive sources for laser cut parts.


We shear up to 12’ sheets in Stainless steel and aluminum in our Pier 90 shop.


We work with two reliable and competitive sources for laser cut parts in stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel.


Turning and Milling …
At Kami we have a very flexible machine shop and we offer to help you with turning and milling jobs in stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and plastic materials.

Bead Blasting (Zirblast)

Brad Blasting of stainless steel and aluminum – with ceramic beads – is a specialty at Kami. This treatment gives stainless steel and aluminum surfaces a uniform and smooth surface after press barking and welding. Nice and easy to clean!

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