Welcome to Kami Tech Inc.

Kami Tech Inc. is a supplier of food processing equipment in stainless steel and aluminum. We also perform vessel maintenance and pipe work from our shop on Pier 90 in Seattle, WA.

In order to be successful and survive in the market we must always supply products of good quality, and we must constantly manage our production and our time consumption efficiently. Respect for the money the customers pay us per hour is vital.

Our customers can rely on us. We are hard-working, and, most importantly, we are a positive and energetic partner. Creativity and common sense are key words at Kami.

Above all: We like what we do, we care, and we move our feet!

We can only expect our customers to choose Kami if we deliver the quality they expect, at a competitive price, within the time of delivery required – and if they like us.

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Contact Kami Tech Inc. if you need any other information on the possiblities that we offer for you. You can contact us here.